About the Department


The Department was arisen on the 1st September 1979 by constitution of the Department of Electrotechnics and Electronics at the Air Force Academy in Kosice. The former name was used for twenty years and the Department has become one of the most successful departments of the university. In connection with the changes in the military education in 2000 the structure of the department was modified and the name was changed to the Department of Electrotechnics and Informatics. At the time the Department was a part of the Air Force Academy of gen. M. R. Štefánik. After the transition from the Academy to the Technical University of Kosice on the 1st September 2004 the structure of the Department was changed again and the current name - the Department of the Aviation Technical Studies came to be called.

During the last more than 30 years of its existence the Department has become a recognized and respected partner of many academic and research institutions and companies. This prestigious post has been achieved mainly due to its excellent results in the scientific area and thanks to the young scientists’ education. At the Department many challenging scientific tasks were solved and also complex technical projects were executed. The high-quality research and development has consequently leaded to the high-class publication activities and to the superior pedagogic results in students' education and to the creation, maintenance and development of the material and technical basis of the Department.
Graduated students have become successful businessmen, designers, project engineers, technicians, programmers, teachers and also scientists in the electro technical areas, mainly in the aviation industry. They have been working in many Slovak and also foreign companies.

The Department structure consists of two sections:
  • Aviation electrotechnics and cybernetics fundamentals section
  • Aviation engineering fundamentals section