Final valuation of APVV-0454-07 project and photo gallery

    Final valuation of APVV-0454-07 project

     The APVV-0454-07 Magsen project solved at the DATS and IEF of SAS in 2008 - 2010 obtained from the Agency Advice the final valuation "project fulfilled on excellent level".
     The contractual customer for the transmission of the project results into the practice was the EDIS vvd. company, Košice. The project was predestinated for the generational modernization of the systems for ferromagnetic objects detection (of the HFT series) in difficult operational conditions of mines, powerplants, metal works and so on. Results of the research of this project were following the development stages in the EDIS and went directly into the practice. At the end of 2010 in the Třinec Iron and Steel Works an intelligent detection systems of irons pieces obtained also in the concentrates of the iron ores was mounted. The system was equipped with frame sensors and with a magnetometric server with the possibility of communication, diagnostics and control through the intranet network. In 2011 already two systems with a new signal processing unit on the basis of programmable logical fields were mounted on the new Czech KK 1300 excavator and mounting of next two generationally modernized HFT systems for separators control in North Czech Mines (SD) is assumed.
     Results of the APVV project allow in the next phase to modernize generationally also magnetometers of the VEMA series (Vector Magnetic Analyzers) for monitoring of magnetic fields, magnetic research and so on.

KK 1300 excavator construction in May 2011, Duchcov

Man (Ing. Mikita, PhD.) and machine (KK 1300), box one of two HFT systems

Inside of the box of electronics of HFT system and placement of magnetic sensors under the conveyor belt


Sensors and HFT system operation results

Inside of new HFT system and outside of older HFT system – the red colour comes from the dust of the iron ore